Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd Sustainability Report 2019

MARKET PRESENCE GRI 202-2 F&NHB’s hiring practices are aligned with the interests of the local economies in which we operate, and we are determined to be the employer of choice and a role model for others. We are proud that 100% of our senior management in Thailand, and 95% of our senior management in Malaysia, are hired from the local community. This helps to keep the value created by F&NHB within the local economy and ensures that we understand the local markets. Our compensation packages have been standardised across the Group to ensure that the highest expectations are being embodied across our operations. These standards are strictly maintained but are also reviewed frequently to allow for necessary adaptations with local circumstances. All F&NHB employees adhere to F&NHB’s Code of Business Ethics & Conduct, which includes principles related to integrity, respect and excellence. The Code is reviewed with new employees as part of their induction programme and the code is made available on intranet. F&NHB does not participate in nor condone forced or child labour, the use of intimidation or any manipulation of workers. L O C A L S E N I O R M A N A G E M E N T Notes: 1. Local employees are defined as people who are either born in or who have legal rights to reside permanently in our significant locations of operations (which are in Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Indochina). 2. Our significant locations of operations are Malaysia and Thailand. GRI 202-2: Proportion of Senior Management Hired from the Local Community MALAYSIA 95% THAILAND 100% WWW . F N . C O M . M Y F R A S E R & N E A V E H O L D I N G S B H D 052 EMPOWERING OUR PEOPLE