Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd Sustainability Report 2019

F &NHB’s longevity is based upon long-term value creation for our stakeholders. We achieve this by maintaining leadership in our core markets, and by leveraging innovative technologies and our employees’ expertise to meet consumers’ evolving demands and enter new markets. This section presents an overview of our economic performance, which provides us with a firm foundation to continue delivering the products which our customers love. In the ‘Innovation’ section, we share highlights of Research and Development (R&D) efforts to improve existing products and processes as well as wintroducing new products and packaging. Each year, we become increasingly aware of how we can innovate to maximise positive environmental and social impacts – and minimise negative impacts – of our products and processes. In this section, we also highlight the initiatives we implement to achieve this. DRIVING ECONOMIC VALUE WWW . F N . C O M . M Y F R A S E R & N E A V E H O L D I N G S B H D 034